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Fhsupport is a creative studio founded by Leon in 2020 from a small farm on the countryside in the Netherlands. That’s one of the reasons why we created many farmer themed maps. It’s part of our brand. Creating games within Fortnite Creative is our full time job, but most of us are still in college to study business management or computer science. Building a brand around your creative career is imporant!

I, Leon, started creating games in Fortnite Creative back in 2018. First as a hobby, later professionally when I got my first feature in may 2020. I scaled up in 2021 with more than 20 features, a creative hub, my own limited time mode, worked together on games with Epic Games developers and started to focus more on data. I decided to go all in on creative when discovery V2 launched in September 2022 and later on expended our team into a full studio. Currently, I’m working together with my team to develop games with the Unreal Editor For Fortnite (UEFN).

Many featured maps, Creative welcome hub, a limited time mode, data driven maps such as most popular variety & combat, matchmaking hubs, participating in several epic projects, special callout features and working with Epic Games developers to push the limits of our creations. I think it’s fair to say that we’re experienced builders and I would love to share my knowlegde and knowledge of my team with your brand or creative team for your next project!

Many creators master one specific skill such as game mechanics, map design or sculpturing. I started as a solo creator and taught myself to focus on everything, so I don’t have to outsource anything besides promotional materials. My speciality are deathruns, but I created games in all genres: Mini-games, open worlds, combat games, adventures and (matchmaking) hubs. The players are always the most important factor when we create games. Focus on what the audience wants rather than what we like ourselves. I expanded Fhsupport into a full studio with other creative developers to take the games of Fhsupport to the next level!

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Creative Game Design

We can design any game to match your businesses branding with the focus on the players.

Trailer and Promotional Images

We will work together with our partners to make a professional trailer and thumbnail for your game.


Game Mechanics Development

We can create any game mode you require.

Player-testing and ongoing support!

We work with play testers to ensure your map is bug-free and focus on the performance of your game!


Branded integrations

Our speciality, we already have several games with existing playerbases. It's better to integrate your brand in one of our well known games instead of creating a fresh new game.

Logo and icon design

We can recreate your brands logo and icons within Fortnite so players will recognize your brand.

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